About Us

This website is an offshoot of dramming.com, intended to fill a deliberate gap of scope in that blog: general news and blogging. Mostly from me. Consider this my personal blog. My name is Jamaa Dimka, by the by. 

Dramming.com will always remain my utterly subjective platform for tasting notes and other musings, as well as whisky tasting. Dramming News will bring you pure and objective information about news, events, my interests, technology, finance… Just about anything that my brain feels like publishing at the time.

News articles will feature both press releases and concise reports from various news sources.

For those who don’t know my yet: I am a professional stamp dealer living near Munich. I started my personal whisky blog in summer 2009, embarking onto a whisky journey that led me to many distilleries and enabled me to meet many new whisky friends.

I have been a member of the Malt Maniacs since December 2010.